System software - utilities

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  • Systems software - utilities
    • Defragmentation
      • Files are stored on a hard disk in available spaces
      • Files can also be moved, deleted and change size creating small gaps
        • The OS splits files into smaller blocks to fill up the gaps
      • Over time the disk gets more and more fragmented
        • This makes reading / writing slower
      • Defragmentation software recognises data on the hard drive to put fragmented files back together
      • SSDs use flash storage and so don't need to be fragmented
    • Backup utilities
      • A backup is a copy of a computer system's files and settings stored externally
        • It means data can be recovered
      • Backup utilities is software with facilites
        • Scheduling regular backups
        • Creating rescue disks
        • Disk images
        • Full or incremental backups
          • Full backup is where a copy is taken of every file on the system
          • Incremental backups are where only the files created or edited since the last backup are copied
    • Compression software
      • Reduces the size of files so they take up less disk space
      • It's used a lot on downloads from the internet to make it faster
      • Must be extracted before they can be used
    • Encryption software
      • Scrambles data to stop third-parties from accessing it
      • Encrypted data must be decrypted using a special 'key'


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