Synovial Joints

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  • Synovial Joints
    • Cartilage
      • Acts as a buffer between bones and prevents friction.
      • A tough but flexible tissue.
    • Synovial Fluid
      • A clear and slippery liquid.
      • Lubricates joint and stops bones rubbing together.
    • Tendon
      • Attach muscle to bone.
      • Very strong non-elastic cords.
    • Bursae
      • A sac filled with liquid that floats inside the joint.
      • Reduces friction between the tendon and bone.
    • Joint Capsule
      • Tissue at the joint.
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    • Synovial Membrane
      • Lining inside the joint capsule.
      • Releases synovial fluid.
    • Ligament
      • Bands of elastic fibre.
      • Attach bone to bone and restricts movement.





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