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  • Synergy
    • 2+ activators acting together - MORE than additive activation
    • Multiple TAFs and synergistic activation experiment
      • Hunchback (HB) and Bicoid (BCD) only activators required in vivo for transcription of promoter controlling D. melanogaster gene hunchback (hb)
      • Partial TFIID complexes used for in vivo transcription: 1) TBP, TAF1, TAF6 2) TBP, TAF1, TAF4, 3) TBP, TAF1, TAF 4 + TAF4
      • During experiment DNA, RNAP II and 3 partial complexes added - see how much radiolabelled RNA produced
      • BCD requires TAF 4
      • HB requires TAF 6
      • Bicoid helps pull TFIID to promoter by binding TAF4 and HB protein pulls TFIID by binding with TAF 6


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