symbols of prayer

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  • symbols of prayer
    • Tallit
      • prayer shawl.
        • 32 long fringes.
          • tzitzit
  • eight attached on each corner.
    • fringes= reminder of laws Jews are expected to follow.
      • Worn for morning prayers, Shabbat and festivals.
        • Ultra orthodox Jews wear a small tallit..
          • They do this all day under their clothes.
            • Not next to their skin.
              • A*
                • Traditionally worn by men
                  • Progressive Jewish women do this as part of their policy of egalitarian.
                    • Interpretation of the text= command to wear fringes is given to the Israelites.
                      • Doesn't specify men or women
                        • Teffilin
                          • Black leather boxes
                            • Jews wear them strapped on the forehead and arm.
                              • inside= written text from the shema.
                                • exodus also= point to the commandment to wear signs on head and forearm.
                                  • worn during the week not on Shabbat or festivals.
                                    • worn on forearm= held against the chest.
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