Sybil Birling

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  • Sybil Birling
    • Characteristics
      • Social Status
        • "Rather cold woman with her husbands social superior"
      • Cruel
        • "I used my influence to have it refused"
        • Lack of understanding of how others live
      • Snobby
        • "As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money!"
      • Traditional
        • "When you're married you'll see"
        • Follows rules of etiquette
        • Reminds her family to have better manners
      • Proud
        • "I was the only one of you who didn't give into him"
      • Prejudice
        • "As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money!"
    • Sybil and Eva
      • When the inspector interrogates her, she refuses to admit any wrong doing in turning away Eva's plea for help
      • Puts the blame on the father until she realises it was Eric.
      • Could be argued that Mrs Birling's refusal was the final straw leading to Eva's suicide
      • Dismisses Gerald's affair as being "disgusting"
        • Forgetting and praising Gerald for settling the issue by declaring that Goole wasn't a real inspector


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