Sybil Birling

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  • Sybil Birling
    • Upper Class
      • Denies Responsibility
        • Passes the blame onto the girl and the father --> capitalist view
      • Works at the charity for social reasons
        • Refuses to help a girl in need because she happened to say the same name as her own
        • Doesn't really care about people, shows she has money
      • Follows her husband
        • She would have no social standing without him
        • Women in 1912 has no rights
    • Snob
      • Very aware of class distinctions
      • Gets angry at Mr B for praising the cook in front of Gerald
      • "Girls of that class"
    • How she deals with her family
      • Shelia
        • Intrusive, snappy, doesn't want to listen, uses parental authority to get control
      • Eric
        • Panics at his involvement in Eva's life
      • Mr Birling
        • Respects him but gets agitated at him, uses authority to shut him up


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