SWOT&External Influences

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  • SWOT & External Influences
    • Strengths - things they do well
      • Weakness- things that can cause problems if not addressed
        • Opportunities- areas they can take advt. of
          • Threats- areas likely to have a negative impact
    • PESTLE
      • Political
      • Economic
      • Social
      • Technical
      • Legal
      • Environmental
    • Porters 5 Forces
      • Rivalry amongst competitors
        • The more comp=the more competitive the mrkt is=less influence
      • Threat of new entrants
        • If easy for new entries, competition likely to be greater
      • Threat of substitues
        • Similar products likely to face more competition as there is little to choose between them
      • Bargaining power of suppliers
        • If there are limited suppliers the supplier has power
      • Bargaining power of buyers
        • If there are few buyers they have great power over prices prepared to pay


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