GLOBALISATION - Switched off places

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  • Switched-off places
    • North Korea
      • Chosen to remain politically isolated by limiting mobile phones and internet, and ignoring trade.
      • Ordinary citizens do not have access to internet or social media
      • no undersea cables connecting it to anywhere else
      • NORTH and SOUTH KOREA divided in 1948.
      • Only country where nobody knew the song 'yesterday' by the Beatles
    • The Sahel Region
      • mis-management of human resources and loss of FDI plays a major role.
      • farmers become dependant on flows of aid from OECD nations.
      • Global brands do not yet see these countries as viable markets.
      • Economic growth in neighbouring countries (NIGERIA) means SAHELIAN people interact with the rest of the world - (FOLK MUSICIANS ON YT).
    • Countries who are very poor lack any strong flows of trade and investment with any other places.
    • Countries may be physically (HIMALAYAS through NEPAL), Environmentally (desires and forests) Politically or Economically (Sahel) switched off.


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