Sweet Papaya

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  • Sweet Papaya
    • Background
      • St Martin's University in Hertfordshire
      • Difficult for students to buy fruit and vegetables locally
      • Roger Fries and Julie Wood
        • Business Management students
      • Co-operative
      • "Run by students for students. Good food and fair prices for all"
      • Grew in size through word-of-mouth
    • Operations
      • Set up a stall in the Student's Union Building
      • annual £10 membership fee
        • crucial for the continued success of SP
        • Money is used for publicity leaflets
        • Only additional income that can be used to break even or run the business
      • Roger, Julie and 10 volunteers process the orders
      • A box of vegetables is sold for £5
      • fruit is sold for £3
      • All 'fair trade' produce
      • Members encouraged to express views
        • Monthly meetings
    • Human Resources
      • open five days a week 11am to 5pm
      • first, second and third year students
      • Volunteers not professionals
        • motivation = gain skills
        • other commitments
        • Unpaid = attendence and punctuality can become a major issue
      • Roger is in charge of dealing with suppliers
        • need to train successors
          • Julie manages finances
      • Julie manages finances
    • Technology
      • Records or orders and payments are transferred manually into a book from notes on scrap pieces of paper
        • important messages often do not get passed on
          • haphazard manner
      • An electronic till is desperately needed
      • long queues are common
    • The future
      • in a recent meeting, including dairy produce was suggested
      • Empty storeroom in Union building- £200 a month
        • Fixed costs....
          • £100 from dairy
          • £50 from veg
          • £50 from fruit
        • Fitting storeroom would require capital investment
          • As SP has limited sources of finance, careful budgeting is needed.


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