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  • swansong
    • costumes
      • guards- dull coloured uniforms
      • prisoner- salmon coloured t shirt and blue jeans, everyday clothing
    • props
      • a chair- represents a weapon for guards, shield for defence,
    • key actions
      • barrel roll- prisoner wants to get away (freedom)
      • dynamics- fluent, quick, sharp
      • question and anwser
    • key facts
      • choreographer- Christopher bruce
      • swansong- last cry before a swan dies/farewell preformance before a dancer retires
      • theme of performance  is human rights
        • setting- cell for interagation
        • amnesty international
    • music
      • upbeat, fast, repetitive
    • space
      • prisoner-low level, independent ballet like gestures, guards- high levels, share their space. lift prisoner in centre stage.
    • characters
      • prisoner- intimidated, inferior/oppressed, blocked by guards, answering questions
        • feelings(prisoner)- anger, hope, fear, exhaustion
      • guards-command prisoner, aggressive actions, work together,superior


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