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  • swansong
    • choreography
      • Christopher Bruce
      • episodic, thematic and dramatic choreographic style
      • contemporary with physical contact, balletic movement nd aspects of tap
    • costume
      • christopher bruce
      • everyday clothes associated with roles
        • guards wear uniform and baseball caps
        • victim wears red t-shirt and fitted jeans
    • lighting
      • david mohr
      • overhead lighting focuses on the area of the chair during interrogation and when victims is alone
      • footlights create atmosphere
      • diagonal shaft of light to suggest natural light from upstage left representing freedom
    • set
      • Christopher Bruce
      • bare stage and single chair suggesting a prison cell and guards always enter from stage right suggesting a single door
      • the chair is symbolic as a weapon, a shield and shackles
      • canes and a red nose are used to degrade the victim
      • black box
    • accompaniment
      • phillip chambon
      • electroacoustic with digitally sampled sounds, vocals, a reed pipe and popular dance rhythms. unaccompanied interludes allow us to hear the tap section
    • theme / starting points
      • theme - human rights; prisoner of conscience
      • the work of amnesty international, saying goodbye to a career as a dancer, the experiences of chilean poet victor jars and 'a man' by organa fallaci
    • structure
      • introduction followed by 7 sections
      • the victim remains on stage throughout and performs a solo in section 3
      • Untitled
    • production / performance
      • produced by various companies include. rambert
      • first performed in 2987
      • 3 dancers


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