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  • Swanage
    • Background
      • South East Dorset
      • South coast
    • Landforms
      • Old Harry and Old Harry's Wife. Stack and stump
      • Swanage Bay
      • Ballard Cliff
    • Management
      • Groynes
        • Right angles to the coast. Trap material from LSD. Reduce wave energy. 24 groynes
      • Sea wall
        • Defends buildings. Reflect waves back to sea. Reduces wave energy. 1.8km long
      • Beach replenishment
        • 2005 - sand and shingle from sea bed added to upper parts of Swanage beach. Wider beaches. Protects cliffs and buildings.
    • Geology
      • Bands of hard and soft rock eroded at different rates.
    • Weathering and Erosion
      • Temperature
        • Warm, dry summers (21C). Mild, wet winters (3C). Salt weathering in summer. Less common freeze-thaw in winter.
      • Wind
        • Prevailing winds from south west which bring storms with destructive winds. Hydraulic action and abrasion, Making mass movement more likely.
      • Rainfall
        • Low amounts of rainfall. Some very wet winters. Mass movement, slides and slumps more likely. Acidic rain - dissolves limestone


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