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  • Swag fleek on point (narrative theories)
    • Todorov's narrative structure
      • Asylum of the Daleks
        • Equilibrium: Banter between Doctor and Churchill
          • Disruption: Doctor sees the Daleks and the other characters do not realize their conflict
            • Attempt to solve the problem: The doctor tries to reveal the Dalek's true intent.
              • Problem gets worse: Daleks had a secret plan the whole time.
                • Second attempt to solve the problem: The bomb inside the chief is deactivated
                  • Problem solved, new equilibrium: Back to normality, the humans win the war, British flag put up to connote victory
      • X factor
        • Equilibrium: Saturday night contestants signing
          • Disruption: the audience votes for their favorite acts and there are two bottom acts.
            • Attempt to solve the problem: The bottom two have to sing to keep their place in the show and go through to the next round.
              • New Equilibrium: One contestant is voted out and a new group of singers go through to the next round.
    • Postmodernism
      • Intertextuality - Borrowing and transforming of a prior existing text
      • Eclecticsm - using a wide range of influences and techniques to produce a text
        • The Iraq war that 'Dirty Harry' is written about.
      • Parody - a humourous imitation of a text
      • Bricolage - where a text is constructed from various existing materials
      • Acts against modernism- Looking back at the past rather than progress
      • Nostalgic - celebrates the past and bathes in its glory (opposite of modernism)
      • An active audience - the audience are involved and acknowledged to offer a new experience to the users
        • X-factor - the audience decide the fate of the contestants in the live shows.
      • Narcissistic - excessive self-love.
        • Murdock from Episodes. Doesn't care about others feelings - totally attentive of money in a capitalist world.
    • Propp (characters)
      • HERO: usually the protagonist in the narrative. Their quest is to bring the equilibrium
        • Dr Who
      • VILLAN: brings the disequilibrium in the narrative
        • The cloning monsters
        • Murdock
      • DONOR: gives the hero advice or help.
        • Rose Tyler
        • Matt Le Blanc
      • PRINCESS: the character who needs help, protecting and saving
        • Queen Victoria
    • Binary  Opposition


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