Sutra 2008

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  • SUTRA (2008)
    • Stimulus
      • "i was stuck in a comfort zone of working with and being around dancers"
        • "i felt i needed to break out of the usual things i was doing"
      • Hisashi Itoh (his producer) said what are you really interested in"
        • He suggested going to the Shaolin Temple to meet the monks
        • Cherkoaui said martial arts and yoga
      • Cherkoui has always considered himself and outsider
        • the sense of apartness has helped propel him on a lifelong quest to explore foreign cultures in order to find what links us all
          • Babel displays intoxicating optimism about the potential for superficially diverse cultures to find common ground
      • "i had an image of what the monks' lives would be like"
        • "he understood the emotional journey that it must be to want to be a monk"
    • Themes
      • Sutra meaning "Thread"
        • Sutra means thread or string
          • It the thing that holds everything together; rules and directions of faith
        • Within sutra the Thread is ultimately your, your the one who interprets the meaning of the piece
          • Being the thread that is bringing everything together
        • The thread is about gaining knowledge of different cultures and linking us all to common ground
      • Buddhism + Spirituality
        • Buddhism teaches the idea of strength and simplicity
          • Although they have limitations they seek enlightenment by a sense of self-exploration
          • "why do the preach peacefulness yet fight like madmen?"
            • Meditation is to quieten the ind and how kung fu is to quieten the body
        • It is the practice and spiritual development leading to the insight of true nature of reality
          • It reality that you will have to change yourself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness and wisdom
      • Animals
        • Cherkaoui's connection with the monk continued with the idea of vegetarianism
        • The interconnectedness with animals and the way they admire various animals for the way they move
          • We resist the greater part of our humanity if we ignore the animal, and linking then the animal with higher consciousness
          • Buddhists see all animals as sentient beings
            • Because animals share the same aggregates i means that they are not separate to us
      • Interconnectedness and body and soul
        • Bodies are how we communicate allowing it to become a direct evocation of though and feelings
      • Cultural and Social exchange
        • Sutra became a journey of cultural and social exchange
          • Through translations, negotiations and explanations they created an artistic universe
          • He has always felt like and outsider but used the exchange to find a common ground in culture
            • It was a way of not only experiencing the monks journey of life but also his own
      • Old and New China
        • Old china is based within the pre-industrial era
          • With religion based on family units instead of individual choice as well as agricultural jobs
          • Nobody looked at the future, they didn't like change
        • After 60s, the country became communist led
          • It became industrial with tall skyscrapers and factories, people travelled in cars instead of bikes
          • Boundaries that were set have been broken and creating the now future, time has developed


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