Sustainable urban areas (cont)

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  • Sustainable urban areas (cont)
    • Features of a sustainable city
      • Environmental
        • Reduced ecological footprint
        • Reduce impact on environment
        • Improved visual appearance
        • Green spaces
      • Social
        • Sanitation services e.g clean piped water, mains sewage etc
        • Affordable, adequate housing
        • Education
        • Health
      • Economic
        • Employment opportunities
        • Transport networks
        • Fair wages
      • Political
        • Human rights e.g freedom of speech
        • Equal oportunities
    • Curitiba
      • Bus rapid transport system
        • One price no matter how far someone travels
        • Used by 85% of the population
        • Traffic and air pollution in Curitiba is the lowest in Brazil
        • Bus stops are mobile, and can therefore cater for an expanding city
      • Green areas
        • 51.5m^2 of green space per inhabitant
        • 28 parks and wooded areas
        • Residents planted 1.5m trees along streets
      • Free education centres called lighthouses of knowledge.  Include labraries and internet access
      • Flood waters are diverted into lakes in parks
        • Stops dangerous flooding, illegal settlers, and provides aesthetic value
      • Ranked 3rd in a list of the world's greenest cities in 2007, resulting in 99% of residents being happy with Curitiba
      • Efficient waste disposal system
        • Residents can exchange rubbish for food and bus tickets
        • Less garbage dumped on roads and in rivers
        • Children can exchange recycling for school supplies, chocolate, toys and show tickets
        • 70% of trash is recycled
        • Paper recycling alone saves 1200 trees per day
      • Schemes to provide jobs and employment for 400000 unemployed living in 15 prepheral towns
      • 50000 new homes biult
      • 1.8m population


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