Sustainable tourism project- Kenya

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  • Sustainable tourism project- Kenya
    • Kenya, Africa
    • One of the first African countries to embrace mass tourism
      • earned over £450 million dollars with it still increasing
      • 1.1 million visitors
    • Social and economic impacts
      • Jobs
        • staff are locals
        • creates much needed employment
        • creates a good income for the people
      • staff and training opportunites
        • professional training and first aid is provided
      • cultural visits
        • they organise visits for the tourists to build a rapport with the locals
        • they organise regular cultural talks
      • community development project
      • community action
        • teamed up with MEAK (medical and educational aid to Kenya) to treat people with eye diseases
      • supports edcuation
        • facilities and guests help local schools
    • Environment impact
      • Wildlife conservation
        • guest educated
        • limited number of jeeps allowed
        • animals looked after
      • Water
        • water from washing and sewage is filtered before release
      • Electricity
        • generator and char dust used to heat water
        • all light are low energy
      • Waste
        • recycled
        • used to grow crops
        • what can't be recycled is sent to Nairobi for treatment
      • food
        • own garden
      • buildings
        • not permitted and green to fit in with area


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