The Ese'eja

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  • Sustainable Tourism
    • Tourism which protects the environment and involves local people to earn more money.
    • The Ese'eja
      • Small rainforest tribe living in peru and brazil
      • 400 of them
      • in 1996 signed contract with tour operator they agreed to build travel lodge in style of own homes. Tour Ops brought people along
      • HOW IT WORKS
        • Tribe get 60% profits
        • They have equal say with tour operators in what happens
        • Protect animals which were once hunted so tourists can see them,
        • They sell tourists handmade homemade goods.
      • What they aim to provide:
        • Help tourists learn and enjoy wildlife.
        • To have minimal impact on the environment
        • Benefit local people
        • Respect culture
      • Golden Rules
        • Involving local people in making plans for tourism
        • Employing Local people
        • Using local foods and materials where possible.


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