Sustainable homes

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  • Sustainable homes
    • Code
      • National standard for all homes to reduce carbon emmissions
    • Building new homes or improving old buildings. Can be done by an individual, a group funded by the government, or a national project
    • Birchway eco-community. London. 2009
      • 24 new homes
      • Built quickly in a small space, built off site
      • Eco kitchens and toilets ready installed
      • High levels of insulation - 4 layers of wool and acoustic barriers and double glazing
      • Solar panels and grass roofs - less of an eye sore
      • Low carbon emission boilers, producing 0 emmissions
      • Level 5 on the code
    • Black country - green showcase. Birmingham
      • Renovated 12 inhabitable terraced houses and flats as an example to other houses
      • Thermal insulation, draught proofing, air tightness and ventilation
      • Efficient condensing boilers, solar heated water and central heating
      • Low flush toilets, spray taps, low flow showers reduce water use by 20%
      • £65.000 - £165.000. Increase property value by 200-300%
    • Eco-pods
      • High amounts of thermal insulation and sealed, hot air recovery insulation and under floor heating
      • Wood/fuel burning stoves.
      • Full recycling facilities, solar and wind power and rain water storage
      • Cheep, self sustainable. Costs between £10,000 and £100,000


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