Sustainable Development

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  • Sustainable Development
    • countries need to control population growth and develop in a way that is sustainable
      • means developing in a way that allows people today to get what they need but without stopping people in the future getting what they need too
    • examples of population policies and how they help achieve sustainable development
        • aim to reduce birth rate
        • governments have laws about how many children couples are allowed
        • government help couples to plan how many children they have by offering free contraception and sex education
        • helps towards sustainable development because it means population won't get much bigger
        • won't be many more people using up resources today so some left for future generations
        • aim to control immigration (people moving to a country to live there permantely
        • governments can limit number of people allowed to immigrate
        • be selective about who they let in
        • helps towards sustainable development because it slows down population growth rate


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