managing tourism to rural areas and eco tourism

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  • sustainable tourism/ ecotourism
    • Lake district
      • economic problems
        • 20% of property is holiday homes or second homes, locals cannot get affordable housing
        • services close down as people only need them seasonally.
        • lake district has honey pot sites, causing over crowding in areas
        • employment is seasonal, part time and low paid
      • social problems
        • villagers lose sense of community
        • Local shops have been replaced by touristy gift shops
        • conflicts occurs, villagers v tourists
      • environmental issues
        • 89% of visitors come by cars- polutions noise, sound, air
        • Lake windmere has ferries, power boats and jet skis, shore erodes and oil spills.
        • people park on grass verges, lots of congestion
      • managment
        • national trust has undertaken footpath maintainance
        • public transport has been imporved and subsidised, EG Langdale Rambler bus service
        • restricted parking zones EG in Elterwater
        • 10 MPH speed limit on lake Windemere in 2010
        • posters are displayed to educate visitors
    • Hakuna Matata Amazon lodge
      • Facts
        • February 2015, Latin Trails tour operator, based in Ecuador aquired a small eco-lodge
        • located in ecuadorian- amazon teritory
      • social benefits
        • locals take the visitors on guides, providing jobs
        • organic cocoa trees have been planted to educate visitors
        • focuses on social tourism which takes place in local towns EG Archidona
        • visitors educated about indigenous communities like the Kichwas and are encouraged to participate in small scale trades
      • environmental benefits
        • Visitors can stop by the animal resuce centre
        • swimming pool is filled by local spring source
        • 3 Linear parks around Archidona to protect rainforests
      • economical benefits
        • Eco-lodge is a catalyst for local economy
        • is a direct spurce of employment
        • ecuador based so no economical leaks
        • is open all year round


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