Sustainable Mumbai - LSS

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  • Sustainable Mumbai - LSS
    • Advantages
      • 1980s - 4000 leprosy patients in Dharavi and Baiganwadi
      • 2007 - 219 patients in both slums
      • Focuses on sanitation, activities and vermiculture (worms that eat waste and produces compost)
    • What it does
      • Surveys community for skin diseases
      • Sets up dermatology (skin care) clinics
      • Runs pharmacies for medication for the skin diseases
      • Has nurseries for young children to help parents
    • Education / Community
      • 'SET'
        • Surveys - detects people with leprosy and TB
        • Educates - people about treatment and symptoms
        • Treats - Give patients complete treatment and has follow-up check-ups
      • Teaches about other diseases (eg. Typhoid) and personal care
      • Uses theatre to teach about symptoms and accessibility of the clinics
    • What is it?
      • Raises own fund and has its own volunteers
      • Set up in 1976 in Chunabhatti on the edge of Dharavi
      • It controls the rate of the spread of leprosy which is infectious
    • Bottom - up


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