Sustainable Cities

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  • Sustainable Cities
    • Case Study - Curitiba
      • Ways of working towards sustainability.
        • 1. Reducing Car use
          • Good bus system by more than 1.4 million passengers per day.
          • The Same cheap fare is paid for all journeys. Benefits poorer residents.
        • 2. Plenty of open spaces and conserved natural environments
          • Green space increased from 0.5m2 per person to 52m2 per person in 1990
          • It has over 1000 parks and natural area.
          • Residents have planted 1.5 million trees along the city's streets.
        • 3. Good recycling schemes
          • 70% of rubbish is recycled.
          • Residents in poorer areas where the streets are too narrow for a weekly rubbish collection are given food and bus tickets.


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