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  • sustainability & cars
    • Green / Eco design in cars
      • EU regulations focus upon fuel economy getting manufacturers to label cars in sale rooms to indicate their C02 emissions per km
      • aerodynamic body
      • lightweight aluminium engines
      • use of polymers
      • electronic engine management systems
      • stop/start systems
    • Hybrid cars
      • petrol engine & electric motor
      • only beneficial at slow speeds
    • Hydrogen fuel cells
      • electrochemical energy conversion devices that convert hydrogen & oxygen -> water
      • extremely expensive but research is being put into reducing the size of fuel cells
    • Electric cars
      • The G-WIZ
      • all have to be charged which is a drawback
    • Bio Diesel
      • diesel made from vegetable oil extracted from crops such as **** seed and palm. It is carbon neurtral
      • drawback being a loss of natural habitat
    • Bio Power
      • fuel made from grain crops converted to make ethanol, which is then blended into diesel. This reduces the amount of fossil fuel needed and has lower CO2 emissions
      • drawback is that it has fewer miles per gallon than standard diesel


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