surveys and sampling

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  • Surveys and sampling
    • longitudinal study
      • a study in which information is collected over regular intervals over an extended period of time
      • national child development study since 1968
      • JWD douglas the home and school
        • 16 years, questionnaires, IQ tests to see how achievement was affected by social factors
    • aims
      • identifies what the researcher intends to study and what they hope to achieve
        • open ended
    • hypotheses
      • untested explanation expressed as a statement. provide evidence to prove/ disprove it
    • operationalisation
      • defining a behaviour to allow it to be measured
    • pilot study
      • small scale version that tests  resources, instructions, sample so that any changes can be made
    • triangulation
      • using two or more research methods so they compliment eachother


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