survey methods

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  • quantitative surveys
    • specific form of non experimental deisgns that aims to describe certain characterastics
    • data is often collected via quiestionares or structured interviews
    • predominately collects quanitative but may include qualitative
    • survey design
      • repeated cross sectional
        • investigates time different changes of charactersitcs
      • panel survey
        • repeated observations by following a sample of persons over time and by collecting data from a sequenct of interviews
        • usually fixed occasions that is most cases are regularly spaced, concerns regarding drop out and sensitisation to qus
      • cross sectional
        • sample from the population at a single point. document prevelance of a characterastic  identify relationships
    • methods
      • postal
        • postitives target larger cohort, no interview bias and cheap
        • negatives, no opportunity to clarify, incomplete, return rate
      • telephone
        • postitives, low cost, large sample, avialblity, clarity
        • negatives, screening calls, inconvience, less liekly to answer long surveys
      • face to face
        • positives, clarity, flexibility, store direct data, high repsonse rate
        • negatives, training of staff, expense, time consuming, interviewer bias
      • online
        • positives, low delivery cost, pre-notification,reminder email, reduced data entry time
        • negatives, loss of pp of people without internet, low repsonse rate, resondant bias


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