Surgery through time - main events (not all)

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  • Surgery
    • Prehistory
      • Trephining used to remove 'evil spirits'
      • Broken bones were set with clay
    • Ancient Egypt
      • Introduction of metal tools
      • Removal of tumours which could be felt under the skin
    • Ancient Greece
      • Frequently conducted amputations
      • Turpentine used to clean wounds
      • Opium used as a sedative
    • Middle Ages
      • Developed methods of removing arrows
        • Hugh + Theodoric of Lucca
      • Arab Empire learnt how to seal wounds using cautery iron
    • Renaissance
      • Pare developed new method to treat gunshot wounds
        • using oil of roses,egg yolk and turpentine
      • Also used silk threat to tie arteries (PARE)
    • 19th Century
      • Simpson developed chloroform
      • Semmelweiss made washing hands compulsory on his ward
      • Lister developed carbolic spray
      • Halsted introduced gowns,caps, masks and gloves
    • 20th Century
      • Landsteiner discovered blood groupd
      • Barnard conducted the first heart transplant but patient died afterwards due to rejection
      • McIndoe developed brain surgery


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