Medicine Through Time

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  • Surgery and Anatomy
    • Galen
      • Dissected pigs an apes
        • Finds the importance of the spinal cord
      • Wrote over 100 medical books
        • Books always talked about GOD
          • This lead to the church been in charge of medicine till the Middle Ages
            • Believed his ideas were correct and didn't question them
      • Studied skeletons in Alexandria
      • Some of his ideas were incorrect
        • Human dissection was forbidden. He thought human bodies were the same as animals
          • In the Middle Ages they still used Galens work in dissections. Believed the body was deformed when it wasn't what Galen's work said it should be.
      • He thought that blood was made in the Liver and was consumed
      • Doctor for gladiators
    • Vesalius
      • Published the Tabulae Sex (six drawings  of the body)
      • Published the Fabric of the Human Body 1543
      • Used professional artists
      • Explained all drawings
      • Stole a body from a gibbet to get a skeleton
      • Lived during the Renaissance (rebirth of ideas)
        • Galen said men have one less rib than women. Vesalius proved they have the same
        • Galen said the human jawbone has 2 bones. Vesalius proved it has 1
        • Galen said the human liver has 5 lobes. Vesalius proved it only has 2 lobes
    • Harvey
      • Harvey discovered that blood circulated around the body
        • This replaced Galen's theory that blood is consumed
        • Knew there was a fixed amount of blood in the body
      • He identified the difference of arteries and veins
      • He found the difference between cold and warm blooded animals
      • Knew that the heart pumped blood around the body
    • Lister
      • Made carbolic acid spray
        • This was an antiseptic. This sterilized the air so there wasn't germs in the surgery room
        • It was used on instruments and bandages
        • The carbolic acid was unpleasant on skin or to breathe in.
      • He reduced the death rate in surgery from 50% to 15%
    • Simpson
      • Discovered         chloroform by chance
        • He left the top of a bottle of chloroform, he and some friends were found by his wife all knocked out
        • Used it knock out patients so they could not feel pain
        • It was opposed because of religion and not been able to trust the doctors
          • Was accepted after Queen Victoria used it with her 8th child
        • Wasn't very safe because patients were getting given too much and dying
          • SNOW made it safer by making an inhaler to give patients the correct dose


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