American Supreme Court

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  • Supreme Court
    • Membership
      • 9 members
      • Appointed by pr and confirmed by senate
      • Life tenure
      • Chief Justice
    • How can one distinguish the different philosophies of judges?
      • Strict Constructionalists
      • Loose Constructionist
      • Judicial Activism
      • Judicial Restraint
    • How are SC justices appointed?
      • Approx 1 vacancy every 2 year
      • Pools of recruitment - Courts of Appeal, State courts, Executive branch, congress, state governors and academia
      • FBI background checks prior to annoucement
      • ABA Rating
      • Senate Judiciary Committee
      • Senate Confirmation
    • What is judicial review and why is it so important?
      • Power of SC to declare acts of Congress or action of executive unconstitutional and thereby null and void
      • Can update the constitution
      • Decides of big, decisive issues e.g. abortion
    • What is the political significance of SC?
      • 'Legislate from the bench'
      • Protects freedoms and rights
      • Interpret the constitution
      • Update the constitution
      • Check power of Congress and Pr
    • What checks are there on the SC?
      • By Congress
        • Confirm/ reject appointments
        • Decide how many sit on court
        • Impeachment
        • Initiate constitutional amendments
      • By Pr
        • Nominations
        • Throw his weight behind a decision or not
      • No power of initiation
      • No enforcements powers
      • Public opinion
      • Can amend itself


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