supporting the fives rights

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  • supporting the fives rights
    • advocacy (equal and fair treatment)
      • speaking on behalf of  somebody that can't speak for themeselves
    • providing up to date information (equal and fair treatment)
      • explaining the type of care available
      • settings opening times
      • explaining alternative options (e.g. medication)
    • challenging discrimination (protection)
      • go through correct procedure
      • challenge at time
      • providing info about complaints procedures (consultation) (links with go though correct procedure)
        • show them the policies and procedures
          • take them seriously
    • using effective consultation
      • using vocab that people can understand
      • not being patronising
      • using touch to give comfort
      • use of aid, loops system, hearing aids, gesture
      • adapting - slowing down, emphasising words, tone, body language, gesture
  • Values of care


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