Support for Family- Viluntary services

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  • Support for family-Voluntary services
    • Respite care- registered people will take a child overnight or for a sort time to give the parents a break. This helps them to gather their energy  and spend time together and with any other children.
    • Portage- this is a daily home- teaching programme in which the portage worker visits regulary and develops an induvidual programme with a child on a daily basis. The programme usually focuses on one to two specifi skills.
    • Advocates-people who attend meeting and appointments, usually with the parents and can speak on behalf of them in necessary
    • School actions plus or early action plus- this is the nect level of support after school action or early year's action. An outside specialist person will be brought in to support the child.
    • Statement of special education need- a statement is only drawn up if a greater level of support is considered necessary and a full statutory assessment has been carried out.
    • financial support- in some cases financial help is available. This includes a disabililty living allowance and/or carer's allowance.


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