SUPERPOWERS - Characteristics and geopolitics

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  • Superpowers, geopolitical power and their characteristics
    • Economic
      • A large total GDP gives countries the wealth needed to be a global player.
    • cultural
      • have ideas, art, food, culture and fashion that people find attractive is powerful.
    • political
      • Leading rather than following with UN, IMF, WTO.
    • military
      • Nuclear weapons, a navy and an Air Force are needed to threaten or force another country.
    • demographic
      • power requires people to support a large economy and military
    • Natural resources
      • fossil fuels, land for farming, water security and resources, and mineral health are all needed for self-sufficiency.
    • Geopolitical power is viewed as a hierarchy (dependant on global influence)
  • 1. Hyper power - complete global dominance.


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