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  • Superpower factors
    • Size
      • large population
        • 1. Ensures there are many people to buy products that are made      2.  supports economic growth ensures there are lots of workers for economic growth
      • Large land size
        • Countries with a large land area are important because they: 1. Tend to have greater natural resources      2. Extend influence over a larger number of neighbours
      • Large amount of natural resources, e.g. oil
        • Countries with resources necessary for economic development should hold significant power, e.g. coal as they can sell it or provide for their own energy  or gold and minerals to sell
    • Military
      • Countries with a large military may be viewed to be more powerful
      • Types of weapons is also important
        • China has nuclear weapons which makes it powerful
        • Much of China's weapons stock is old and they haven't been at war since 1979 so have little modern experience in warfare
    • Economic stength
      • Countries with economic strength can influence global economy
        • 1. they control investment – 2. Use the world’s most powerful currencies ($, € and £) –    3. Determine economic policies which affect the globe  4. they can buy resources and influence trade
        •  Gives power in international organisations
    • Cultural influence
      • language - English is most spoken and understood worldwide which affects cultural influence. This has power over media and literature


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