Superposition of waves

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  • Superposition of waves
    • Principle of superposition: Finding the resultant of two waves which meet at a point by adding up the displacemnt.
    • Diffraction of waves: Is the spreading of a wave as it passes through a gap or around an edge. Ripple tank can be used to show diffraction.
      • If the width of the gap is much greater than wavelength there is very low diffraction.
      • If the gap width is equal to the wavelength diffraction is greatest.
    • Sound waves diffract as they pass through doorways.Width of a doorway is comparable to wavelength of sound.
    • Visible light has much shorter wavelength. Its not diffracted by doorways because the width of the gap is larger.
    • Radio waves can have large wavelengths so easily diffracted by the gaps in hills
    • Microwaves have wavelengths of 1 cm not easily diffracted


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