the supernatural in 'ACC'- the ghost of Christmas yet to come

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  • supernatural- ghost of Christmas yet to come
    • sielent
      • symbolizes the silence of death
      • doesnt communicate
        • scrooge wants a convo-  but it doesnt give it to him
          • makes scrooge work thinks out for himself
    • based on the grim reaper
    • quotes
      • scatter gloom and mystery
        • when we first meet the phantom
          • neither spoke nor moved
      • neither spoke nor moved
      • outstreched hand
        • pointed
          • when we first meet the phantom
          • symbolizes scrooges fate on the one hand
            • leads him to his fate (the grave)
            • suggest there could be another direction he could take
          • begins to shake
            • near the end after we look at the cratchits
        • slowly, gravely, silently approached
          • first arrives
        • unseen eyes
          • describing the phantom
        • difficult to detach its figure from night
          • describing the phantom
        • spectral hand
          • great heap of black
            • purpose is to do me good
              • scrooge about the phantom
            • quite and dark
              • hood shrunk, collapsed and dwindled down into a bedpost
                • when scrooge realizes he has to change
                  • his job is done
            • it's its uncertinty and its message that is so frightening
            • no guidence to give to scrooge
              • makes scrooge work thinks out for himself
              • or guidance but with a different approach
          • key
            • fact
            • symbolizes/ suggests
            • our thoughts
            • sub heading
            • probably  true
            • quote
            • where the quote is from


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