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  • Sun Yatsen
    • Born 12th November 1866
    • Died 12th March 1925
    • He was born into the family of poor farmers in a province of Guandong
    • Studied at Iolani and became fluent in English
    • Then Studied Western Medicine in British Hong Kong and qualified as a doctor in 1892
    • He was exiled between 1895 and 1911
    • Returned to China to become president of the new republic in 1912 before handing presidency to Yuan Shikai
    • He formed the Guomindang (GMD)
    • Sun had 3 principles:
      • Nationalism - restore China's position as a sovereign state
      • Socialism - development of government-owned enterprises
      • Democracy - sacrifice our personal freedom
    • He was a nationalist
    • In 1919 he reformed the GMD
    • Supported the formation of the CCP in 1921
    • Founded Whampoa Military Academy
    • Organised the United Front
      • United Front was the joining of the GMD and CCP to defeat the Warlords


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