End of Cold War summits

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  • Summits
    • Moscow '88
      • Signed agreements on the more complex aspects of INF
      • RR no real negotiating objectives - wanted to meet the people
        • Met Soviet dissidents and addressed students at the Uni
      • Brought little tangible results
      • RR withdrew his view of the USSR as an 'evil empire' - 'another time and era'
      • RR spoke of his 'deep feelings of friendship'
    • Washington '87
      • Signed the INF Treaty
        • Removed all missiles with intermediate range
        • Soviets removed more than the US did
        • Possibly the most significant joint step to ending the arms race
      • Gorby made no demands for withdraw of SDI
      • Many US officials left office before the summit (supported SDI)
      • Gorby agress to the 'zero option' proposed by Reagan
        • Removal of intermediate-range nukes from Europe
      • Gorby agreed to withdraw from Afgan
    • Reykjavik '86
      • Gorby left feeling that RR still wanted to continue the arms race
      • Gorby  proposed phasing out nukes
      • Gorby however described it as an 'intellectual breakthrough'
      • Opportunity to make sweeping reforms regarding nukes
      • Huge opportunity lost
    • Malta '89
      • Bush
        • Agreed not to interfere in Germany or Baltic states
        • START agreed in '91
          • Reduced nuclear warheads to 9,000 each
          • Strategic Arms Reduction Talks
        • Established good relations with Gorby
      • Much of Eastern Europe already removed communism
      • No new agreements but declared the CW was over
        • 'buried the Cold War at the bottom of the Mediterranean
      • First meeting between Bush and Gorby - good relations
      • 'Seasick Summit'
      • Most important since Yalta '45?
    • Geneva '85
      • A 'watershed in relations'
      • Little decided but important in establishing a personal rapport
        • Both thought the meeting was a success
      • Gorby thought RR ensured discussions kept simple - 'political dinosaur'
      • Warm relations - Gorby had removed the ideological split
      • Gorby introduces idea of 'reasonable sufficiency' - open rejection of aggression




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