The Summer of Lost Rachel

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  • Summer of Lost Rachel
    • Meaning
      • Ways of coming to terms with grief
        • link to scaffolding - sentimental
        • refusal
      • death of Heaney's niece
        • summer loses excitement
        • consumed by grief
    • Language
      • "soft-soaping ways"
        • Sibilant sounds - onomatopoeia
          • summer lulled him into false security before she was ripped away from him
            • Wants summer to end so his grief ends
              • irrational but understand
              • Beauty of summer contrast to funeral
      • "white"
        • pure and innocent
      • "Gashed"
        • guttural -harsh
        • "twisted - unnatural"
          • shocks us
      • "safe and sound"
        • sounds like her mom speaking - FID
          • undermines danger - futile
      • "run the film back
        • gives the reader something to relate to
          • No farming reference - right at the heart of human emotion
        • remorse
      • "let the downpours flood"
        • natural world becomes the world of his mind
    • Structure
      • Starts with description of natural scenes
        • Symbols of life - inevitability of death
          • bitter
            • Rachel began beautiful too
        • Rachel should have been able to flourish
      • Enjambment
        • "but still. So absolutely still"
          • repetition and at end of line for emphasis
      • fast pace about rewinding film - like a tape in fast forward/rewind


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