Summarise and evaluate the conclusions of your personal research into the distribution of crime

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  • Summarise and evaluate the conclusions of your research into the distribution of crime.
    • The evidence of crime found does suggest that some types of crime increase as you get closer to the CBD-supports aim.
      • However this was not true for all types of crime. When researching evidence of crime on the website, we found that there wasn't always that pattern.
        • Other factors could have effected this such as security measures which would have been the reason for these specific patterns.
        • Generally the pattern of total crimes is what we expected for 3 of our 4 areas. Stockwell end having the least amount(82) which is located on the outskirts, Newbridge having an increased amount(238) which is slightly closer to the CBD and Whitemore reans having the most(253) which is even closer to the CBD. Stavely however didn't follow the pattern.
    • One pattern of crime that does fit our aim(does crime decrease with distance from Wolverhampton city centre) is the amount of robbery cases found. From looking at the police website and collecting secondary data we discovered this. In Stockwell end the result was only 1 case, in Newbridge it was 3, Whitemore reans was 6 and then the closest to the CBD Stavely was 10 which supports what we expected.
      • Reasons for this could be because of the type of people that live in the houses in the outskirts. They are more likely to be working throughout the day so therefore there isn't many victims around for the criminal to attack, therefore discouraging them from committing the crime.
        • I believe that this data is quite reliable as we have collected it of an official police website so the majority of crime cases that occur are likely to be found and recorded onto the data base however you could argue that it isn't that reliable as there are only small amounts of crime and not every single crime gets recorded- less reliable.
    • Graffiti was another crime that fitted our pattern and as we expected, most cases were committed closest to the CBD in Stavely(17) and the least case was found in Stockwell end which is the furthest away from the city centre(0).
      • Reasons for this conclusion may be because Stavely is a busier and more public place which has many shops and underpasses for people to commit the crime.
        • One problem with this data collection method was that we weren't able to take a photograph and find every single case of graffiti as we didn't have enough time to visit the whole area, therefor making it unreliable.
          • However, I am confident that the number of cases we found in each area summarise each specific area in terms of how much graffiti there is.
    • Violence and sexual offence is another crime that follows to same pattern but only up until Stavely where the number decreases rather than increases. Stockwell end had a recording of 13 cases, Newbridge had 30, Whitemore reans 47 and then Stavely 44.
      • Reasons for the decrease could be that some people who live in Stavely might not have admitted or come forward about the crime therefore meaning that it doesn't get record on the data base.
        • This makes the results slightly unreliable  so would be one limitation as it depends on the type of people in each area.


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