Suitors from The Odyssey

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  • Suitors in The Odyssey
    • Antinous
      • B2: He Blames Penelope for leading them on, he tells the assembly about the Loom Trick she played on them. He tells Telemachus to make her decide who to marry soon.
      • B4: Neoman informs him of Telemachus' departure. Antinous is angered by this he foils a plot to prevent Telemachus from returning Organising a black ship to do out to sea & kill Telemachus. Penelope hears this & after returns to her room to weep, he hears this & assumes it means she will soon marry.
      • B20: Says he would have killed Telemachus by now if it hadn't been for Zeus.
        • B21: Tells Eumaeus & Philoteus to stop weeping at the bow. Has the great bow in hand, says he won't be as strong as Odysseus. But secretly hopes he will be able to string the bow. He uses grease on the bow to cheat. Complains that they should not be challenged on sacred Apollo Day.
          • B22: Killed By Odysseus through throat with an arrow, just before he was about to drink.
    • Eurymachus
      • B1: Asks Telemachus who Mentes is.
      • B2: Dismisses prophet who claims bird is omen that Odysseus will return. He threatens Prophet and Tele.
      • B4: He is noted as a leader of the Suitors.
      • B15: Is mocked by Tele as being kind when in fact he isn't. Tele prays for doom to strike before his wedding day.
      • B16: When Tele returns he sends word for ships to return.
      • B17: Declares to Penelope how beautiful he thinks she is. Teases Odysseus about his balding head
      • B20: Says the prophet Themoclymeus is crazy and that he has evil omen prophesy. He removes him from the palace.
      • B21: He is worried about his reputation if he cannot string bow. He interjects that beggar (Odysseus) can't marry Penelope if he succeeds in stringing the bow,
      • B22: Blames Antinous for the behaviour of the suitors. Begs Odysseus for mercy, he refuses and Eurymachus prepares to fight. He is then shot by Odysseus with an arrow next to his ******.
    • Amphinomus
      • B16: Sees outside that Telemachus' ship as arrived back, he says he must have slipped away without their boats realising. He is respected by Penelope, he warns the suitors not to mess with Tele again because of Gods.
      • B17: Odysseus warns that the Suitors will be avenged, he ignores this & reverts back to his evil ways. It predicts his fate that he will be killed by Telemachus' spear.
      • B20: Sees sign of Eagle with dove in its talons, says it is a warning not to kill Telemachus.
      • B22: Goes toward Odysseus with sword, Telemachus kills him with spear to the chest.
    • Agelaus
      • B20: Says he knows Odysseus will not  return and that Telemachus must go tell Penelope so,
      • B22: When Antinous and Eurymachus are dead, he addresses the suitors encouraging them to go out and inform the public of the attack, He agrees with Melanthius for him to go & get armour from the store room. He threatens Mentor (Athene) when he wants to join as Odysseus because if he does he will make Mentor's life unbearable. He rallies Suitors but is eventually stabbed & killed  by Odysseus
    • Leocritus
      • B2: He says that Mentor is crazy for thinking Odysseus will return. He calls for the meeting to end.
      • B22: He is killed by Telemachus in the flank with a spear.
    • Cterippus
      • B20: He throws bull's hoof at Odysseus as a 'gift'.
      • B22: Killed by Cowherd in the breast.


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