Suffragette Tree of Knowledge

A suffragette tree of knowledge for revision

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  • Suffragettes
    • Tatics
      • Slashing paintings in the National Gallery
      • Cut up golf greens.
      • Threw stones at 10 Downing Street Windows
      • Bombed churches and post boxes
      • Threw flour on MP's
    • Involved
      • Women only, no men allowed
      • Founded by Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia
      • Emily Davison, Martyr (threw herself in front of the king's horse -  4th June 1913)
    • General Information
      • Formed in 1903
      • Only in London, smaller group (than Suffragists)
      • Called  WSPU for short, the nickname Suffragettes given by the Daily Mail
      • The Woman's  Social and Political union
      • Militant tactics, but also used propaganda/  peaceful tactics


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