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  • Suffering
    • Christianity
      • Suffering entered the world due to human free-will
        • i.e. Adam and Eve sinned against God by misusing their free will and eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil from which he told them not to.
          • suffering is a punishment of this original sin.
        • suffering is a result of free will.
      • Suffering comes from God.
    • Judaism
      • Suffering comes from God.
      • suffering is a result of free will.
      • Suffering is seen as a test of faith.
        • The story of Job
    • Suffering can also...
      • Lead to good things
      • Help develop a person'r character.
      • Lead to inner strength
    • Some people would argue
      • no  fair (just) reason for innocent people to suffer.
      • If God was loving and powerful he would stop innocent people from suffering.


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