succession (primary)

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  • succession
    • key words
      • succession is directional change in a community of organisms over time
      • a development of a community from bare ground is primary succession
      • the first organisms to live in the bare area are known as the pioneer community
      • final plants and organisms succeed the smaller ones until a final stable community is reached. this is climax community
    • sand dunes
      • they display all stages of succession. pioneer closest to the sea and climax burther back
      • 1:pioneer plants like sea rocket colonise the sand above the high water mark, they tolerate spray and salt.
      • 2:wind blown sand builds up at the base of this plant forming 'mini-dune' and when the plants die there is nutrients
      • 3: sea couch has underground stems which stabilise the sand
      • 4: plants keep dying and nutrients keep building up the plants and the dunes get bigger and therfore more stable


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