Successful Campaigns

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  • Successful outcomes of Campaigns.
    • The Snow Drop Campaign
      • Led to a ban on hand guns, under the Fire Arms (Amendments) Act
      • Following the Dunblane Massacre
    • Stonewall Campaign
      • Campaigned for legislation recognizing same sex relationships,
      • Led to the Civil Partnerships Act
    • Zito Trust Campaign
      • Campaigned for increased measures to protect the public from potentially violent patients
      • Campaigned after Jane Zito's husband was stabbed to death by a known schizophrenic.
      • Led to the Mental Health Act.
      • The Trust disbanded after its successful purpose.
    • Mary Whitehouse
      • PG of 1 person
      • Campaigned for the Protection of Children Act.
    • Jamie Oliver
      • PG of 1 person
      • Had some input in the Healthy eating in schools campaign.
      • Led to the Education Regulations 2007.


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