Successes and Failures of the League of Nations

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  • Successes and Failures of the League of Nations
    • Failures
      • 1920: Vilna, League ordered Poland to leave Lithuania but they were ignored
      • 1923: Memel, League unsuccessfully tried to make Lithuania leave (Germany Vs Lithuania)
      • 1923: Ruhr, The league was unable to stop the invasion by French and some Belgian soldiers (France Vs Germany)
      • 1928: Bolivia Vs Paraguay
      • 1931: Japan invade Manchuria
      • 1936: Mussolini (Italian dictator) attempts to invade Abyssinia
    • Successes
      • 1919-20: Czechoslovakia Vs Poland
      • 1920: Albania Vs Yugoslavia
      • 1921: Upper Silesia (Germany Vs Poland) Solved by a plebiscite and consequent partition
      • 1921:Aaland Islands (Sweden Vs Finland)
      • 1922-23: League helped Austria and Hungary from economic collapse by taking over their economic management
      • 1923: Corfu Crisis (Italy Vs Greece) Solved by the League putting pressure on Greece to apologise so that Italy would withdraw
      • 1924: Iraq Vs Turkey
      • 1925: Greek attempt invasion of Bulgaria, the league condemn this action and pressurise Greece to withdraw
      • 1932: Columbia Vs Peru


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