Successes and Failures of the League in the 1920s

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  • Successes and Failures of the League in the 1920s
    • 6 Successes
      • T.A.S.I.B
        • Teschen, 1920
          • In 1919, Poland and Czechoslovakia fought over Teschen. In 1920 the League arbitrated on the dispute, splitting the area.
            • Neither country was happy about the decision but they accepted it and stopped fighting.
        • Aaland Islands, 1921
          • The league settled a dispute between Sweden and Finland - after an investigation the League said the Islands should belong to Finland.
            • Sweden and Finland agreed
        • Silesia, 1921
          • The league settled a dispute between Germany and Poland - it held a plebiscite and suggested a partition
            • Germany and Poland agreed
        • Iraq, 1924
          • The Turks demanded Mosul, a part of Iraq,. The League supported Iraq
            • Turkey agreed.
        • Bulgaria, 1925
          • Greee invavded Bulgaria, which did not fight back, but appealed to the League. The League ordered Greece to withdraw.
            • Greece agreed and withdrew from Bulgaria.
    • 6 Failures
      • V.I.M.C.B
        • Vilna, 1920
          • The Poles captured Vilna, The League ordered Poland to withdraw although France and Britain supported Poland
            • Poland refused, the League could do nothing.
        • Invasion of the Ruhr, 1923
          • France invaded the Ruhr when the Germans did not pay reparations
            • The League was not even consulted, Britain disagreed
        • Memel, 1923
          • Lithuania seized Memel, a German port under League control.
            • The League told Lithuania to leave, but the Conference of Ambassadors gave Memel to Lithuania
        • Corfu, 1923
          • Tellini was murdered in Greece, so Italy occupied Corfu,Greece appealed to the League for help, which ordered Mussolini to leave
            • The conference of Ambassadors overruled the League and forced Greece to pay compensation to Itay.
        • Bolivia, 1928
          • Bolivia and Paraguay went to war over the Chaco. Paraguay appaled to the League
            • The League was unable to help because Bolivia refused to  agree. In the end the dispute was solved with the help of other South American Countries


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