The League of Nations - Successes

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  • Successes
    • The Aaland Islands 1921
      • Islands that lay between Finland and Sweeden. Both countries claimed them
      • What happened?
        • They went to The League who decided they should go to Finland. Both sides accepted the decision peacefully
    • Upper Silesia 1921
      • This was an area that lay on the border between Germany and Poland
        • It was an industrial area with both Germans and Poles in it. Before 1919 it belonged to Germany
      • What happened?
        • The league held a vote and British and French troops kept order while it was held
          • The land was split with the industrial part going to Germany and the rural part going to Poland. Both countries accepted their bits
    • International Cooperation
      • Refugees
        • 400,000 were returned to their homes after the war
      • Working conditions
        • Working hours were limited for children and adults
      • Lead was removed from paint
      • Health committee
        • Worked to try and defeat leprocy
        • Global campaing to exterminate mosquitoes which greatly reduced cases of malaria and yellow fever
      • Transport
        • Produced an international highway code
      • Social problems
        • Blacklisted four large companies involved in illegal drugs trade
        • 200,000 slaves were freed in Sierra Leone
    • No major waruntil 1930's


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