Subjunctive irregular stems

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  • Irregular Subjunctive Stems
    • pouvoir (to be able to)- puiss
    • vouloir (to want)- veuill
      • veuillez is used with an infinitive to make a request
    • etre (to be) - sois/s/t/soyons/soyez/soient
    • avoir (to have)- aie/es/t/ayons/ayez/aient
    • prendre (to take)- pren
    • tenir (to hold)- ten
    • savoir (to know)- sach
      • sachez- que is used to say you should know that...
    • faire (to do)- fass
    • aller (to go)- aille/es/e/allions/alliez/aillent
    • boire (to drink)- boive/es/e/bvions/buviez/boivent
    • falloir (to be necessary)- faille
    • valoir (to be worth)- vaille/es/e/valions/valiez/vaillent
    • compounds of these verbs function similarly e.g. refaire = refasse


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