Subcultural perspectives of crime

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  • Subculturalist perspectives of crime and deviance
    • Albert Cohen 1955
      • American subculture- similar to STRAIN theory
      • JD caused by strain between cultural goals & institutional means of achieving them
      • Status frustration
        • Young boys recognise achieving academic success would be v difficult- low self-esteem due to lack of qualities- low paid jobs- unemployment
    • Cloward + Ohlin 1961
      • Developed Cohen's ideas
      • Explain WC crimes in terms of goals, but disagree that they share same values
      • WC delinquents as sharing own deviant subcultural values- 'Blocked opps' develop illegitimate career structure
      • Type of crime depends on illegitimate opp structure:
        • 1) Criminal subculture
        • 2) Conflict subculture
        • 3) Retreatist subculture
    • Walter Miller
      • WC USA boys get into trouble because they have different set of norms/values
      • Socialised into deviant subcultural values
      • 3 Main concerns:
        • Trouble
        • Excitment
        • Toughness
      • Concerns make it inevitable that they will break law- do not do it deliberately by FC lead to it
    • David Matza
      • Interactionist critique of subcultural theory
      • Young people drift in/out of deviance as part of growing up
      • Young less skilled at suppressing SUBTERRANEAN VALUES- use techniques of neutralisation to justfy them
        • SV- A set of deviant values that exist alongside socially approved values, but are usually kept hidden. May emerge in certain social situations (drinking/drugs)


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