subc theories

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  • subc theories
    • BB
      • explore how smaller subc emerge in soc - have specific v's that are alt to mainst culture => dev
    • Cohen
      • juv del & dev in youths
        • no £ gain ie. fight/ vandelism
          • dont just for thrill
      • status f
        • some w/c youths fail
          • lack status
            • need a solution
              • 'invert' trad m/c v's
                • are anti-social
              • gain status/ sef-esteem f/ shared culture - enables them to get respect f/ peers & rebel
            • success = blocked
              • rej goals of m.culture to resolve status f
                • links to Merton's rebellion (diff goals & means)
      • EVAL
        • no discussion of females
        • expected to work out m.v's & invert them
        • fails to prove how school is where succ & fail are determined
    • Cloward & Ohlin
      • illeg it opp structure - career route for failed youths
        • 3 types - criminal, conflict, retreatist
      • see l/c del as sharing own dev subc v's because of blocked opps they don't get on legit
        • so devel illegit
      • like Merton - exp in terms of goals & means
        • disagree that del's share some v's/goals as rest of soc
      • EVAL
        • assume all motiv by financial gain
        • diff to divide crims neatly into 3 subc's
        • doesn't talk about female crime
    • Matza
      • del & drift
        • drift away f/ m/c m.v's
          • dev = short lived
      • subc theory = deterministic
      • int arrested youths - many felt guilty - but if controlled by subc, felt no guilt
        • would only be dev if pushed over line
          • need initiation
      • used tech of neut to bypass m.v's
        • in times of stress => drift into subterranean v's to seek excitement
        • techs: denial of responsibility, denial of victim, denial of injury
      • EVAL
        • Box - Matza relies too much on juv views
    • Miller
      • subc don't emerge f/ frust
        • due to focal concerns
          • push them into dev
            • focal concerns: STAFET
      • EVAL
        • ignores labelling process
        • many w/c don't commit crime
        • Bordua - w/c don't live in vaccum away f/ m/c v's


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