studying society

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  • studying society
    • types of data
      • first hand data collected by the researchers.
        • data collected by other researchers and companies which other people use.
          • data involving number and statistics.
            • a small scale trial run carried out before the main research
          • where a sociologist/ researcher clearly sets out exactly what they intend to study and how
            • usually written as a statement to be tested to be proved or disproved.
    • norms and values
      • what society thinks is normal.
        • something society cares about.
          • research process
            • research aims and hypothesis.
              • carrying out pilot studies.
                • selecting samples.
                  • collecting the data.
                    • analysing the data.
                      • evaluating the project.
                        • sampling methods
                          • each member of the population has an equal chance of being included.
                            • taking every numbered item from the sampling frame
  • involves dividing the population into layers or subgroups.
    • building a relationship with an existing participant and asking them to recruit other participants.
      • each interview has to interview an exact number of people from categories.
        • selected according to a known characteristic.
          • carried out by individuals being investigated or by individuals processing the data.
            • choosing a sample
              • the process of selecting participants.
                • a list of everyone in the target population.
                  • a sample that features proportionate numbers of people in the target population taking into account factors.
                    • the term used to describe participants.
                      • the name given to the group of people with certain characteristics that the sociologist wants to study.
                      • socialisation
                        • refers to learning during early childhood.
                          • begins later in childhood and continues through our adult lives.
  • culture
    • a way of life. Everything around you.
      • social surveys
        • postal questionnaires
          • relatively cheap, quick and an efficient way of obtaining large amount of information from large numbers of people.
            • as the interviewer is not present to clarify questions may be misunderstood by the respondents and answered incorrectly.
              • structured interviews
                • each interviewee responds to the same set of questions asked in exactly the same way.
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